Learning Cycle Lesson

Concept of rule to be discovered:  The color blue can be changed or modified by using any other color on the color palette.

Objective:  Just a little change or adding another color is good.  Change is good.

Materials:  Paper, Blue paint, Yellow paint, Red paint, White paint, Black paint.  Paint Brushes, and various materials to paint on for texture addition.

Open:  Show YouTube video of Blue Buddha Painting and if time allows and the students appear open to receiving and watching, include the second YouTube video of artist painting the video. Blue Buddha Painting (3/18/2016) 58 sec  (3/18/2016) 13+ minutes 

Body:  The students will use the colors blue, yellow and red, to mix green, purple and orange, and use white to add tint lighter and a little black to add hue, among mixing other colors.

The student mixes the color ‘s on the chart and can forward advance into a painting of their choice.  Experience will be mixing the colors.

BLUEGreenPurpleLight Blue/Light Purple
YELLOW GreenOrangeLight Orange/Light Green
REDPurpleOrangePink/Light Purple/ Light Orange

Close:  Elaborate:  Students will Evaluate their experience of mixing the colors and applying to a picture, how they felt while experiencing change in the color mixing.

Cooperative Learning Lesson

Content Objective:  A verb is painting.  Painting is action = Verb

Social Skills Objective:  Sharing is a verb as well as communicating and working with peers is a verb.  Being kind to each other is a verb.

Materials:   Paper, Blue paint, Yellow paint, Red paint, White paint, Black paint.  Paint Brushes, and various materials to paint on for texture addition.

Pre-lesson Questions:

  1.  Teams are formed by teacher direction for a group of 3 students.
  2. Quiet Signal I use is: “clap, clap…then 3 quick claps.  Students clap back.
  3. Team building:  Team 1-8 (3 per team) earn points for kindness, collaboration, good listening skills, and clean up.


  1.  Demonstrate color mixing, while emphasising the action of a verb.  Demonstrate the application of paint to paper, and then wiping of the brush.  All are Verbs, as in the action word.
  2. Expectations for cooperative work and teaching of social skills.  Demonstrate expectation of showing teacher and two other students properly mixing the paint, and applying to the paper, cleaning of the brush and kind communication at the table.


Students are in groups of 3 working on one sheet of paper, helping, sharing, using kind words and creating their color mixing while understanding what they are doing is a Verb.  They are in action. Teacher will monitor

CLOSE:  Summarize by hanging the groups pictures up and having the students do a gallery walk, while focusing on their gallery walking, looking at student work as a Verb.  They are in action. Each student will write a one sentence summary, as their experiencing of a verb and their action in it.

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