The Sacred in Teaching

SPED 463 CSUF Sum 2016

Discussion 3  Part 1

Share a success story of an appropriate placement.  If I have not been involved in a successful placement, discuss the issues related to a placement that was not successful.

My Answer

I was teaching Resource English to 9th and 10th grade students, while managing a case-load of 30 students with an IEP.  I monitored their Academic grades, goals, and attendance! The School was at Rancho High School just beyond the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This school is considered to be an inner city High School, although when the school was first built, it was one of the original nice High Schools near downtown.  My Principal attended Rancho High School and came back to be the Principal, even retiring from his post here! His name was Robert Chesto. The school was wide open and spread out, with each classroom exiting to the outside.  Now, at present, the school has been rebuilt and is contained in an enclosed school, as one big building!        The particular student came from Los Angeles School system.  He was a 9th grade student, heavy set, Hispanic, with 2 of his  front teeth were gold. He looked frightening and scary, yet he was only a kid still.  He was a student diagnosed with ADHD with a Learning Disability. This student was mainstreamed into Art, and Science class, and pulled into my Resource room English class.  Every Quarter, we received the grades of our students who were on our case-load. I looked at every student’s grade and noticed this particular student had an F in Art. Yes, Art!  I visited the Art teacher to ask, “why this student had an F in Art?” Her response, “He has 16 absences!” I said, “Ok, how do we remedy this?” and the Art teacher, who was a new teacher, did not remediate my students grade or try to work with bringing his grade up to at least a D so he could receive the Art credit.  Later, that day or week, I managed to ask my student “Why did he have the 16 absence?” His response “That teacher does not like me and is mean!”      He did not feel comfortable or welcome attending her class.  I was not able to help him remediate his Art grade, but we were able to transfer him out at the Semester into another class (Art) where he excelled, and received a B for the final Semester. 

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