Instructional Strategies

PART 2 (6/6/2016)

LD/ADHD: Why Some Students Struggle

1. Although he spent three hours reading the chapter, London was not able to recall the information.

 a. Why do you think London had difficulty recalling the information?

My Answer:  London did not employ strategies to remember information such as; ACRONYMS, breaking down the words into a memorable word or sentence.  

Also, he may not be able to connect information to prior knowledge, or identify important key concepts to remember.

 b. Did you consider that London might have difficulty processing information?

My answer:  Yes, London may not know how to use prior knowledge and connect the information to present knowledge, or how to study the key points.

 Discuss several items from the table above related to processing information that might have led to London failing the quiz the following day.

  • He did not connect information to prior knowledge
  • He may not have identified the important concepts to study
  • He might not have extracted key information from lectures
  • He may not know how to take notes on important information
  • He may not know how to monitor his understanding of the content

2. Why do you think Mirabelle struggles with turning in assignments or completing projects on time?  

My answer is Mirabelle may not have a system for organizing and managing her time.  She may be easily distracted and needs a system for keeping track of assignments and taught how to plan and schedule time to complete a task.  She may not be able to recognizing phonemes, recall and understand what she is reading, she may have difficulty putting ideas in a sequence. 

 Learning Disability/ADHD: Simulation  (6/6/2016)

  1.   Did the simulations help you to better understand a disability in that area? If so, how?  Yes, the simulations helped me feel how the disability actually feels to the person with the disability.  With the reading portion, how the student with ADHD had a mind that continually left the reading to a basketball game, or day dream or mind travel.
  2.  As you were going through the simulation, were there things that you wished you had (e.g., more time) or that you could do (e.g., refer to your notes) that would help you? If so, what were they?  I kept thinking to myself, I wish I had known all these text book pinpointed areas where the student with LD/ADHD struggles.  This would have helped me be a better teacher in the past and in the future, knowing these will help me be a sensitive, helping, facilitating teacher.  They are included in the following chart.

                                                             Students W/O LD/ADHD       Students W LD/ADHD

Processing InformationConnect info to prior knowledge. Identify important key concepts. Extract key info, Take notes, Monitor understandingDo not activate prior knowledge, do not know what info to study, have difficulty identifying important info, focus on irrelevant info, take inadequate notes, take no notes, do not monitor content understanding
Retaining & recalling infoEmploy strategies to remember info. ACRONYMNSDifficulty remembering info
Organizing Materials & Managing timeStay focused, Use system to keep info organized, bring all supplies to class, complete & turn in assignments on time, Are easily distracted, no system of organization, forget to bring items, difficulty keeping assignments & turn in
Selecting, Monitoring, & Using strategiesAre strategic about studying, use a variety of strategiesDo not know how to study, Forget to use a strategy, Have difficulty using a strategy in different content area, lack knowledge of strategy, use ineffective strategies

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