OVERWEIGHT is Clearing, Releasing, Transmuting, Transforming, Balancing, Harmonizing and Aligning in all fields now to infinity, thru Christ and The Saints



8 day and my number.  I AM 5241959. 111014. 44. 8

So much has happened between the last writing of being overweight.    Such As: SURRENDERING. SUR REN DER ING GNI RED NER RUS. 



And Rupert, King Rupert The Red, sleeping all day.  

And worry.

When everything is already set, taken care of, in motion, happening in my now, then there is nothing for me to worry about.  I am just in the middle of ALL. Clear, Release, Transmute, Transform, Balance, Harmonize, Align being in the middle, the middle child, the middle generation, clear all the middle generations, the middle of ALIEN   NEILA A LIEN NEIL A middleman in all my fields, and all people’s fields now all humanities fields now, to infinity.

My cat just came in all wet.  Time to go brush her and feed her wet food.  Clean up my little kitchenette space. Mom wants her desk in her for the kitchenette, and I am suppose to keep beauty beautiful things, things that make me smile and enjoy my life with good memories, good positive vibration.

I process the rage, disappointment and anger of my friends and family while walking around my space.  Just thinking this week about Barbara Jean Little Raphael who I call BABS. All she does is talk forcefully. Calling me this week because we reentered this friendship dance again because I invited her to a bake party, but she was going to two concerts with MAI LI.  So they swung by the house, picked me up and off we went to the old Mariners Church, now called Liberty Baptist Church. (The Background behind the choir was ugly. The atmosphere was cold. They had beautiful voices, and synchronisity, but the presentation from the building was ugly.  I said Hi to Chuck, who just smiled. I do not think he heard a word I said. Babs who always acts like Barbara, (Like yes, I am this professional virginal woman looking for a husband, sweetness and blah, blah, blah.) said she said hi to Chuck – Chuck is Claudia’s husband. Claudia is Babs arch enemy from the choir.   I brought cookies, that I made for Jances – my high school classmate from The Hague, Holland, who moved to, Seaside Oregon, to start a bed and breakfast. Well then I left those cookies with Mai Li who brought them with her to ST. Andrews Choir for Sunday.  

I did not have a car so I had to do everything with others like Babs and Hilda.  Now Hilda is my new friend from Our Lady Mount Carmel. I met Hilda at Bible Study with OLMC. I was walking to find a table to sit at, because all church groups are catty, opinionated and judgemental, and all are clearing this energy, because if they are, then I am also all that.  I feel love from all I meet at Our Lady Mount Carmel. And I like how I can listen, receive guidance from holy spirit go to mass, take the sacrament, say the Mercy with etal in the vestible at the side of OLMC and not be involved with any-ones else drama. Then on my way home and through the week are the lessons, teachings given to me through the holy spirit, my mother, the saints around, the four directions of all benevolents become clear in their teachings to me while in this body.  This is what happened to me on December 18. I woke up early. This is my mothers Birthday. 12181932. Mother passed, transitioned, died, left 3 dimensional body her soul left that body vessel she carried with that particular brain from training of her father – John N. Nathaniel Englund Assembly of God Travelling Teacher, and her mother Irene Katherine Nybakken Englund, who was is The Tenth Child born in the Minnesota Swamp Land to Immigrant Norwegian Spiritual Sage Gody Perceptive Psychic Knowing Gentle Loving Kind Own your own business Builder, Creative Thinking, Restructuring Energy Vibrational Beings.  They moved over here with 5 of their 10 children. I heard the story that every time Petter Nybakken went to the store to buy a BUTTLE of milk, he told the clerk he wanted a “BUTTLE of Milk”, he always came home with butter milk. The little nuances in the English language is incredible and is a language used Universal that can either save or destroy a person depending on how legal documents are made. Because legal documents are all words of English language together. Which I had reinforced this week through The Krucker Trust and myself being a signature on this trust with my husband, current husband in Marital Bond.  

I have not seen this husband since 2013, when our daughter made arrangements for us to have family dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in North Laguna Beach, CA on Pacific Coast highway.  I was with Babs walking Crystal Cove, driving a little white Mercedes 250, very sporty fun car. Babs is pushy, bossy, and I guess if she doesn’t come pick me up, if she wants something from me, she pushes me.  This is what she did to me this week. She has asked for money before without payback. Now, I know I need to pay my friend Andrew back for money he lended me when I got out of an Irvine Company Apartment Lease back at the end of 2013.  I saw my money running out, and cut the lease, but had to come up with $5,000.00 Irvine Company does not mess around. I borrowed from him and need to pay this back. So, I told Hilda I need to sell, this Iraqi Dinar I purchased back at the end of 2013 to pay Andrew and that’s what I will do with Andrew.  

Babs asked me on Wednesday for the money.  On Tuesday, Hilda picked me up for my appointment with the Managed Account fidelity broker.  We made it to the appointment, where the broker told me I gotta get a job, otherwise the funds will not sustain.  I released funds to pay off all my debt, including the back overemployment earnings, credit card, yoga teacher training and buy a car.  I had a car picked out beautiful fiat 500 manual transmission low mileage. But as I was travelling on the bus to Mass and back from Mass I was asking spirit do I really need to spend all that money on a car that will just sit in the garage or parking spot for a time.  No. Was the answer. That would be not be a wise and prudent way to manage cash. I need to let the car come to me and besides my business partner Nyden is in the used car business and will help find a car. I would like a high top Mercedes Van or similar, to begin my Mobil Healing Reflexology With Essential Oil  Massage, Reiki Healing business. Then here comes pushy, bossy, know it all, crazy babs. She needs money to pay rent. She is in panic mode. Panic. Panic. I have been here before with her. FUCK. Promises she makes. I will give you checks to put through your account and pay. I told her I had to pray about this and sought counsel with spirit, who said: 
“Put the funds through LOVEVOLVE account because this is your charitable account you are working with to give away, help, those spirit said to help.  Babs said INCHANG has lost everything and she is Chinese. I want to help Chinese, because they need KATKEMM®. She has not given me the checks, but oh so was in such a hurry to get that check to pay IN CHANG.  Babs gave me $400.00 cash, shows me the checks she wrote to Inchange, but where are my checks? I asked her, texted her. This is why they said LOVEVOLVE. So I can LOVE Let Others Vibration Evolve, let go of worry,  thru the Holy Spirit, The Om, The Lensomai, and KSAMA, sanskrit forgiveness.  

That was my parents money she is stealing from so I switched the check to come out of LOVEVOLVE account at Fidelity.  I am sure they are asking WTF is Katherine doing now. I am just being in the middle of this transition. And was guided to put that money through LOVEVOLVE because that is what I am guided to do with The Krucker Trust as trustee all my portion goes to LOVEVOLVE.  Guided by The Holy Spirit, The Om, The LENSOMAI, The KSAMA Symbol – Forgiveness in Sanskrit.


  The chapter of public school teaching is over for me and even pursuing a full time job with public service is over.  I work for myself now. This fulfills the karmic destiny stated in one of my astrological charts that I would spend time in an institution, which sounds weird, like mental and that institution was public school teaching.  Funny, I am seeing this now, when before I was frantically trying to obtain full time employment with Newport Mesa Unified when we had moved back from las vegas to newport in 2008. That period of time, was very hurtful and painful with Tom.  The move from Las Vegas to Newport. All my applications are documented in EDjoin.org. Crazy. Why did I knock my head against the wall so much with public school teaching. It’s terrible. They watch to make sure you say the right thing for them!  They promote eating terrible food, but they are making their way toward more wholeness in nutrition. They need more education on the sugar effect on the pancreas and liver. This download came while in the bath Newport Mesa Unified and all public education needs:  1. Mandatory Taking of Wellness Course, just as the staff for NMUSD had. There was mindfulness training, with fabulously provided nutritious food. Great reinforcement and the people presenting were happy and I felt happy leaving. Each one gave their own version of mindfulness and each one worked with bringing me to a calmer state of being acceptance and peacefulness.  Plus I got to take home a couple of healthy delicious tasting sandwiches that I ate the next day! 2. Mandatory Reiki I attunements and teaching the working of this Japanese very loving healing using their symbols and attunements meaning to empower a person to practice and use. This Japanese healing is very soothing, calming and powerful in a gentle way. Myself, having over 55+ reiki symbols imbued into my field through Kat in Las Vegas, NV., Jade in Orange County, Where we were able to have all three of my loved ones Tom, Kim and me be attuned in one setting.  This gives me peace to know they have their own reiki guides and symbols to work with to help them in their life and since I am attuned to the master level continue to send them the reiki and mother mary, quan yin, and melia of the Orion council with her golden balls and any all benevolent beings to assist from the four directions and the ancestors. Everyone gets embued with reiki anyways because I am a Reiki Master and have imbued all of Orange County, LA County, Riverside County and everywhere I have been and go and going! Yes, even the priests have been imbued with Reiki I, II and III.  This would be from the Ariel F. Hubbard Reiki Tradition. The symbols and energy vibrations received during while and in using particularly the KRISTAVE, or The Christed symbol looks like a sun with a swirl line through is very loving powerful vibration energy. 3. Everyone to receive The Eucharist, or Communion as known in The Prebyterian Church, Kerk. Explanation is indescribable the feeling of joy within when receiving The Eucharist and sitting to listen to guidance during that day and the rest of the week. It’s been positively prayer over and is just good joy putting within. 4. Everyone needs scripture study, or reading.  There comes wisdom and knowing from I dont know, but it seems that ideas, answers come when I make time to read scriptures, so recently, Our Lady Mount Carmel put on a retreat with Father Fish, who is a monk and talks about their requirements for monk hood and reading an hour of scripture each day is their requirement. Personally, an hour is a lot of time, but even 5 minutes reading feels positive and uplifting, to me, and sometimes I get an answer within that 5 minutes, like when I opened Corinthians today to read about corinthians 13, and came upon Corinthians chapter 6 and its like I was guided to read this chapter. I do not want to divorce Tom.  I like being married. I wish he was different and had not changed so much with anger, and drinking and blaming. I changed too with all the reiki. And now have changed even more when working thru St. Anthony The Abbott, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Melia with her golden ball form Orion Council. During this scripture reading I corinthians 6:1 Take Disputes B4 Saints. 6:16 Believe in The God of Justice. 9-11 Fresh Start Thru Christ, 16-20 The sacredness of Marriage. I Corinthians 11:27-28 Take the Sacrament in Reverence. Reminds me when my sister took the sacrament and never went through the RCIA training or confession and just was arrogant. I felt kind of embarrassed.  I corinthians 12 Spiritual gifts and these are all about the mystical, the world I have dealt with my entire life between worlds. 5. Mandatory participation in yoga class at least a series of 8 classes with beginning yoga. Yin Yoga, Core Power has a really good beginning class called Core Power 1 Yoga. This class moves the body through all the poses with precision and each core power yoga teacher goes through strict training to teach. There is even chair yoga. So many kinds of Yoga where people can feel the relief of yoga movement and cleanse stuck crap outta the body! Yoga, stretching, movement and I heard recently Tai Chi. During my Massage school study my instructor Ariel F. Hubbard always did Tai Chi before any session, raising all our energy and beings so we had an enlightened class.  Now in this priestess class from Elizabeth, she is really into Tai Chi and says it works. I have been into Yoga for about 20 years and this works for me.  


NMUSD was looking for a way to let me go.  I tend to remain faithful because of the Capricorn moon I was born under.  It has been a gift to remain in Public School Teaching for 30 years off and on, while active marriage and motherhood and transitioning through those vibrations into where I am now.   Being an independent type person capricorn moon, gemini sun, libra rising makes me seem to other people unstability energy, but it is far from that. Nice to give others this illusion.  As in matters of the home, my feet, are rooted, grounded into home energy, vibration of this type of love. This is romantic love at the greatest. 


  1.  ORdered a car.  Will have fidelity wire the total amount when it arrives and probably have it by the new year.  Taking a bus is good, but in California I just need a car!
  2. Ordered appointments with attorneys for the marital case.  I am guided to drop the separation and be married. I Corinthians 6 explains my reasoning with all this.  Any inheritances with this marriage can go into a trust the attorney will create under LOVEVOLVE. I like this, since husband worked with the black ops and other side of making money for them, the money does not belong to any one except etal….  
  3. The other attorney ordered appointment for is for my inheritance from mom and dad.  It has come to my attention that Freda, the trustee, took all the gold and silver from this house, and brought it to her house.  She also put mom’s car in her name. While the car sits in the driveway here at the house. She took the keys. Apparently she has it in her mind to sell this house, and buy the properties in 29 palms.  Cut me out. She took all the gold and silver. She needs to sign off the house and hand over 100,000. Freda Merkle Chase is someone who dropped out of UCLA and married her cousin. She also is treasurer for the Green party.  So what does that say. My fear, is she will just casually let things go unless there is legal involved.  
  4. Work on the house has started.  We are in week two of having the carpet removed, the ceilings scraped, and now having a new wood floor installed where the old kitchen used to be.  Maybe another week of every day construction crap. At least its maintained to the living room area, and each day I put a fresh paper walkway up to cover the dust of construction as we walk from the bedroom to the kitchen.  This really cuts down on dust coming into my living space and especially for kitty n rupert.  
  5.  Ordered appointment with fidelity advisor.  Since I will be buying a car outright, and paying off a few bills, paypal, cap one, mission, maybe edd from unemployment overpay back to state of calif, Andy.  I really am in 43,000. In debt now with all the student loans from getting the other teaching credential here in the state of california. But with buying the car that will put me over 12,000.00 and paying off everything up to the student loan payoff is about 13,000.  So that is 25,000.00. Can work on paying off those portions of the student loan next year as my business begin bringing in funds.
  6. Applied for massage license or getting everything ready.  Got fingerprints, and ordered the money order for the license.  Will work full time as massage therapist. Also received a download to open a massage place like the XPRESSPA place with chair massage, and a chair that people can sit in to have the roller go up and down their spine, while they receive a reflexology treatment.
  7. Ordered a car rental for 2 weeks.  It will be nice to have a car instead of planning extra time for these appointments and also for Kim.  
  8. Thank you lord, the bible, Our Lady Mount Carmel, Greg Kelley, Monsieur Doug, and my soul collage group who have been love for me with very kind loving boundaries as I transition through all these various energies of middleman.
  9. Some of the things I would like to do, or go in 2020 is : ASH reunion – Holland July 2020 – take kalyn, levi, kim.  Maybe stay in a hotel and train to Elzach, Germany to visit where grandpa merkle came from, even though I have been 3 times since before the age of 18.  But since taking the RCIA class I found out all bishops can be traced back to the apostles, and Merkle had a probst bishop to malta under merkelin or some spelling in the 1500’s and there is a window in the church at elzach.  I found a book in mom n dads collection but it is all in german. Thank you mom and dad for raising me in christian home, even though I was so rebellious growing up. It is wonderful to attend mass and take the sacrament, the Eucharist, the communion as we have called it in the prebyterian church.  I always took the communion seriously. It’s an amazing indescribable energy vibrational essence. Peaceful experience.  
  10. Took Elizabeth Wilcock moon ceremony on the full moon night, 12122019.  She has a gift of love that is pure. Really helps me with this shamanic stuff and church stuff.  They are one of the same, but really different in between worlds energy, dimensional.  

12052019 Thursday Reflection

Later today my vision saw the principal tell the student that the district “no longer needed my services” or in other words, “got fired, because of that fat overweight motormouth mexican boy was instigator, go between loud, disrespectful, horrible mannered students to me the guest teacher with masters degree and almost doctorate of going back to CAL State FULLERTON for another teaching credential for california.  I saw that kid walk home happily feel great, that he got me fired, lieing the entire time to everyone, and he went home to eat potatoe chips and told his mother. This morning I read this: “Our children are like mirrors-they reflect our attitudes in life. The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him. Proverbs 20:1” (p.111 God’s Little Instruction Book, 2000, Honor Books, Tulsa Oklahoma).  

The mother of this kid is disrespectful to herself, and most likely told this child that yoga is bad.  So many christian type people have had fear placed in them on yoga, when it is wrong information. Yoga does not give monkey mind, yoga gives peace and knowing of what to do, because the body is not holding onto that issue any more.  But this kid lost out and his class lost out on their gift to experience yoga, because of that kid. And that okay. I let that district go and am replacing with “joy, happiness, bliss, expansiveness, generous and letting the love and joy saturate me” (Jared Rand, Global Guided Meditation Call, You Tube 04042019), because I sure do not want to give up my time to babysit bratty kids who point the finger will have their own due.  That kind of behavior will get that kind of overweight, disrespectful kid killed. I would never want to hire such a disrespectful person. If he is disrespectful to a guest teacher, teaching yoga, a gift of kindness, then he will be disrespectful to anyone, especially himself . I gotta get off this subject, because Its a 30 year career of service, public school teacher is finished. Over.  

And it’s over, for a good reason.  Another reading came by Henri J. M. Nouwen, With Open Hands. P.56, 1985.  Ave Maria Press.  “Deep silence leads us to suspect that, in the first place, prayer is acceptance.  A man who prays is a man standing with his hands open to the world. He knows that God will show himself” herself, “in the nature which surrounds him, in the people he meets, in the situations, he runs into.  He trusts that the world holds God’s secret within it, and he expects that secret to be shown to him. Prayer creates that openness where God can give himself” herself, “to man. Indeed, God wants to give himself” herself; “he wants to surrender himself” herself, “to the man he has created, he”, she “even begs to be admitted into the human heart.”   

I pray every time before going anywhere and especially if I was out on a sub job.  This was a last minute job, and should have known, it never helps me to sub in a panic, and look what happened.  I lost the job, the ability to bring in a couple extra bucks each month. Must go to another plan. Earlier this year I was looking at going back to massage school to be recertified in massage therapy.  If I am going to work for myself, I may have to step up and pay for the entire school in one shot. If I am having a meeting with fidelity manager regarding the managed account and needing to resignature some of the accounts because of KEA Trust, then it might be best to transfer enough cash to pay for massage school, pay for the dog and cat medical, pay for my teeth cleaning. Because taking out a student loan is stupid, especially since this dumb public school teaching gig didnt work out for me having this new teaching credential in california to teach students with mild disabilities.  Maybe that kid has an IEP. How am I to know. I subbed for 10 minutes. Did a great job with the first 3 classes, but because I called that motor mouth overweight disrespectful mexican kid. I am embarrassed this is the school system I grew up in until 6th grade and have subbed in for the last 10 years. If I was another country, like china, or russia, who we are trying to blend with as the power of 3, the trinity, the trident, to run the world for the next 1000 years, I am embarrassed to recommend that kid for any kind of work, because you cant trust him, he would blabber mouth on anyone, not that what I did was bad, it was the truth, it is the truth.  At that school a kid came up to me and said “Your Short” I get called that all the time, but do not point my finger at someone else saying they said I was short. Its just stupid and backwards, that hypervigilant ½ black, ½ white principal, jumped to judgement, because I am white, from Newport Beach. She judged me. Clear, release, transmute, transform racism, their racism, their judgement, them, I call my energy back from Pomona Elementary, Newport Unified School District fields now back through the violet flame, where it is cleansed, blessed and purified for me. Send Principal, that kid, all I encountered, Jan Ford, Mousey Brown female who said I was not needed at Newport Mesa anymore, SEND:  Kristave, Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Melia from Orion Council her golden ball, the archangels, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Osho, and RAKU to all involved to be cleared, released, transmuted, transformed, balanced, harmonized, aligned with love and kindness, peace to see themselves and their part as racist in their misqualifications of white female leadership in all fields, now to infinity. And do not ever put me in that middleman situation again. Thank you.

10242019    Subbed at Pomona Elementary School, Newport Unified School District,  today for P.E. Yay, it is outside. I was so happy to be able to be outside working a substitute teaching job today.  I brought my yoga mat with me. We used the yoga mat with every class except the last 2 classes.

The students I lead through yoga really enjoyed the process of experiencing this type of exercise form.  Some of the students would giggle and talk and laugh if it hurt the muscle as they moved forward into the pose.  Gently guided the students to breathe in slowly to the count of 5 and breathe out slowly to the count of 5. They still were excited and giddy almost about “doing yoga”.  As if “doing yoga” is a joke a game, something to laugh at. They have been taught wrong. Yoga is the most healing exercise a person can give their body. The body keeps congestion and the pose’s help with moving the congestion and fluids, releasing tension.  

After lunch the “horrible, worst, class”, according to the notes left for the sub – so I had been pre-programmed about this group of students.  The students were in attendance outside where we met at the lunch benches. The students regular classroom teacher was so kind to invite us back into her nice cool air conditioned classroom so they could be taken through a set of yoga poses.  But the classroom was too much for this group of students to settle down into a focused mindset where they could not appreciate the gift of an air-conditioned classroom and the discipline of a settled focused mind. In the cool air conditioned classroom we waited and waited in Samasthiti sitting in lotus pose, waiting for the students in the corners and sides of the room to quiet down.  The most overweight person in the room was the loudest. We waited more. The teacher in me decided to quit trying to bring these students through a most beautiful experience, and sent them outside to walk. 

 Outside was hot.  They want to waste my time, and treat a guest teacher with such disrespect.    Why waste my time with undisciplined, slovenly children when going and moving into the most sacred wonder of yoga, to teach a moment of what it feels like to have a release of congestion leave the body through that pose, and feel a moment of peace and utter relaxation of love within.  In reflection, this is what I felt. I was wasting my time. This is our future generation? Slovenly, undisciplined, coddled, full of self hatred, blaming, not taking responsibility for who they are, pointing fingers, not looking within?. And they want to scapegoat, blame the educated well-prepared guest teacher brought to them in the form of their substitute physical education teacher for that day?  

When confronted by a hostile administrator, demanding the students have structured lesson, yoga is the best structured lesson to bring students.   When confronted by a hostile student, who said nasty negative about my mother who he does not know, then reiki symbols of christ, divine mother, honshashezonen, osho, raku, are much needed to this silent unseen verbal abuse I was assaulted with.  When confronted by a hostile female, who said “no” to any exercise movement, when told she could not just sit, was sent reiki, to that negative energy and told to return to her classroom, and she experienced a release from her negativity through her own tears.  When confronted by a hostile student, who positioned himself strategically as a go between 2 or 3 students in the back left corner of the classroom, who would not settle, not focus, not quiet, themselves, and this hostile, victim conscious student who happens to be overweight, would not honor my eye ques, or ques of Samasthiti lotus position, was sent reiki, divine mother of Mother Mary to notify this student he is over-weight.  When this hostile student pointed blame scapegoating yoga teacher, for his own behavior who would not move into yoga pose, who continued to egg on the students in the back of the room, and not take responsibility for his own thug actions, THEN I am out. And the Principal is a coddler, a racist too who reinforces behavior of disrespect for guest teacher. Pomona Elementary is a hostile, racist school in dire need of yoga, self reflection, and deep self inner healing.  

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