Kp Message 11-24-19… “Update on ‘The Energies’ and ‘Apocalypses'”

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Energetically speaking, there have been a rapid series of events that seem to be portending changes. This is happening with many I know, and many (perhaps including myself) appear to be taking on several “chaotic arenas” at once, in their own lives.

One of mine began about 24 hours ago, when I could not turn my iPhone on, and I noticed a somewhat “bulging” screen. So called Apple, arranged to go to the nearest Apple store (30 miles away), and it was indeed diagnosed as “faulty battery”. I now have a new iPhone 8, still in box. Later I realized I could change out the battery in the 7 and make it like new, which I may still do.

Anyway, other items are arriving all over the planet, that will demonstrate to many the levels of governmental and “these people look ‘nice'” corruption, and other kinds of unveilings (apocalypses) of…

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Kat. K. M. M.Ed

Author of: How to Feel and Understand Love Attraction Send Love...the unseen realm needs love too! Carcassonne - Oracle at Delphi - Romantic Love Heals Magi of Genghis Kahn Love attraction Oracle Cards Love is evolving and my own love relationships are evolving. My art is evolving. My healing work is evolving.

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