Young Living Essential Oil is LOVE

Reference:  Harnisch, Sarah.  Fearless Confidence with Essential Oils in 2 hours.  2017. 

Young Living amazing wonderful essential oils is available through purchasing a Starter Kit, that “has the power of 11 oils to alter your life.” by “dramatically changing your exposure to poisons and toxic chemicals”.  Young Living Essential Oils

The first time I brought Young Living Essential Oils into my home was twenty years ago, while living in Las Vegas.  Young Living was a new company, then, in its early growth and myself being a young mother of a small child brought these wonderful oils into our family life.  Twenty (20 ) years later I am an International Distributor of Young Living Oils and excited for you to learn the oils and benefits.  As Harnisch shares so eloquently (p.5) “Oils are a bridge to natural health.  Young Living Oils come ready to go, right out of the bottle.  There is no science you need to master.  There are no fancy techniques to learn.   The work has been done for you by God creating incredible plants.   Every day, all over the world, the experts on Young Living’s farms are capturing the power of the plants and putting them into a bottle with their amazing seed to seal guarantee.  Distilling oils is not a skill you need to master.  You just need to learn to play with the kit.”  And learn to know how the oil can benefit your body.  By applying a drop of oil on the bottom of your feet can bring wonderful beneficial frequencies of their healing.  The bottoms of your feet are a road map of your body.


One of the products Young Living has created is Thieves Cough Drops.  The ingredients are “cinnamon bark oil, clove bud oil, eucalyptus radiate leaf oil, isomalt, lemon peel oil, pectin, peppermint aerial parts oil, rosemary leaf oil, stevia extract, water.” (p.15).

Harnisch says that  “one of the things that make this company so unique is that it’s holistic” (p.25). and “all Young Living supplements are infused with essential oils.” (p.25).  Harnisch, says (p.26) “Oils are tiny, molecularly.  They carry the beneficial ingredients from supplements and other products to every cell.  The oils themselves are so tine; they act as little cars, allowing nutrients to piggy back off them to the different cells in your body.  It works with every product Young Living has:  Savvy Minerals makeup, the Seedlings line for babies, the Kidscents line, diffusers, massage oils, cleaning products, supplements, the Slique Weight Loss line, the Vitality Cooking line, sunscreen, insect repellant.  It doesn’t matter what you choose-every oil-infused product is better than what’s in your cabinets right now.” (p.26)


Three ways to use the oils are to 1.  Open the cap and smell the bottle. “The first smell you get right out of the bottle is the sweetest smell” (p.29).   2.  Hand Cupping.  Rubbing on you and all you need is one drop! Then “rotate the oils clockwise and this gets the molecules spinning.  You know how the shape of you DNA is in a double helix, sort of like a ladder?  When you spin the oils in that direction, as they enter your body, they can shoot right up your DNA.  It allows the oils to enter your system faster because they are following your body’s cellular makeup.” (p.29).  3.  The Diffuser.   A diffuser comes with your starter kit.  “Why do you want a diffuser going in your home?  It creates a spa-like atmosphere, releasing a steady stream of essential oil molecules into the air to fill any room with a relaxing inspiring aroma.  The diffuser replaces toxins in your home by replacing synthetic air freshners (Google the dangers of plug-ins…WOW).  You can replace candles with a diffuser and diffusing are another tool to safeguard your family’s health, instead of chemicals from a plug-in air fresh energy or a candle.” (p.32).  You can put the oils in bath salts.

Bath Salt Recipe


Taking the oils internally are the white Vitality Bottles.  Add a drop of Peppermint Vitality Oil or Spearmint Vitality oil to your tea, or a drop of clove vitality oil to your chai tea.  One drop of vitality oil to your hot tea while it is brewing is delicious even when the tea is cold.  Young Living Vitality Essential Oils are growing with an addition of Parsley and Cilantro.  Harnisch says to “Add a drop of Oregano, Basil, Marjoram Vitality Oils into your Spaghetti sauce right before you serve it.”  and also says to “baste your meats in Basil, lemon and Black Pepper Vitality oils (after cooking them), (p.45).

Young Living emotional oils that help with “letting things go, shake grief, bad memories that haunt you, or struggle with certain emotions and reoccurring cycles of negativity.  The name of this kit is called the Feelings Kit.” (p.48)  The names of the oils are Harmony, Release, Inner Child, Forgiveness, Present Time, and Valor.  I just open the bottle and smell the aroma of the oil then putting my finger on the bottle brings out just enough oil to put on my temples, or under my nose.  then I put one full drop on the Bottom of my feet making sure I run up along the spine, massaging each vertebra, enjoying the relaxation and ease.

Harnisch says, (p.52) “Just open the bottles.  Even if you are not sure how to use your kit today, I’d say open them and be brave.  Apply an oil before bed.  Apply three different oils during your day tomorrow.  Carry them with you, and see how you feel.  Keep a couple of Vitality Oils at the dinner table, and pass them throughout the whole meal.  See if you can go through an entire dinner without the oils sitting on the table for longer than two minutes.  Put an oil you have never diffused in your diffuser.  Creatively make your own blends.”  (p.52). and I say bring Young Living oils into your home, your life and body.

ENROLL TODAY and Thank you for Loving You! 🙂





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