Spirits Talk


Every thing is and has a spirit.  Rocks, trees, plants, animals, humans, and the unseen where we can journey to the lower or upper worlds in non-mundane realities without drugs and just using a drum.

We can ask a question to a rock by looking at it after we ask the question and looking for a sign, a picture, an image that gives a message to speak to our current reality so we know what the next best right course of action will be next.  Sometimes the rock or the tree or the animal will talk and we will say huh?

I was walking my dogs down a busy street one day.  I usually stopped to blow love to the trees, blowing the reiki symbols as I passed, while the tree said to me “Everyone moves so fast.”  And yes, this tree saw and felt every automobile move past it at 50 miles an hour every day.  Every day thousands of cars moved down the street in a big hurry.  When I heard the tree talk to me, I said “huh?” and stopped to listen and then to explain to the tree that this is what was happening, that this road was a busy road for cars to travel back and forth between the beach cities going to their homes, work or errands and I was just walking the dogs!  The tree was surprised I spoke back to it, and continued to receive reiki every day as we passed by on our daily trek of dog walking!

If everything has or is spirit then that would mean everything, even paintings.  As in Art.  Yes, this may sound weird but if the spirits around you want to talk to you, they many show up in a painting in a shape, a face a form that you will recognize to see in your visual eye, not the third eye, but the eye where you visually see, to let you know from the spirit realm their message of them.  For instance, I see animals, faces of my mom, and body style side of the face of my dad.  My dad has not shown himself on the front of his face, but only the side, because he had a very unique profile that I recognize that is sort of like his physics mathematic self.  My mom shows up with a beautiful young female face at age 30 where she shows herself happy and free of life’s mundane burdens of taking care of home and family.  Mom shows her self as beautiful, young, dancing and totally happy.  No where in the visual view is mom promoting her religion that she loved while in body.  No she is happy, dancing and free.  What does that tell me?  What does that tell you?  It tells me that religion did not make her happy!  Which makes me chuckle as we, her children, all knew, the tight restraints religion puts on folks.  I liken the religion training as a way to keep my parents in line with the world they were living.  Yes, I was churched growing up, attending church 2 x’s on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  Now, the church has turned into a big entertainment center, bent on drowning out the spirit of the living beings around us.

I went on a rant, but the beauty of walking with dogs, or just walking is a meditation for the self, for the soul, because the blood is moving through the lymph nodes in the body, churning, cleaning as we walk along.  Thereby opening the ears to hear the messages of the trees as we walk by, or process any abstract thoughts not related to anything, but makes sense after we walk, because it is an abstract thought that needs to be put in the linear structure of a sentence to round out the missing puzzle pieces to answers for our lives.  Since everything is a living spirit and everything around us is spirit, then we are definitely not alone in our reality.

Our unseen reality can include animal spirit guides, past human spirit guides, ancestors of both lineages of mother and father in many spans of times and many timelines, and any other benevolent spirits guides we want.  We just have to ask, command for benevolent spirit guides to teach us, work with us, guides us, and continue to love us, as we evolve with love and kindness through the dimensions of teaching lessons in our lives.

Any block, hardship, non-movement, can be cleared out beautifully by acknowledging these energetic things as a teacher, or teaching moment for our selves, then learn from this.  For instance, when I realized I had married for love, and not money, the negative, poisonous energy blocking my forward movement to forgiveness, for my forgiving myself for putting myself in that position, the negative energy dissolved, and now I am free to love and evolve.  LOVEVOL.VE   Once we love, then we can evolve, because loving is all about forgiveness, being open, and being free.

Forgiveness is a continuous tool in this reality of human relating, as our linear minds process relating and what the other person did, as time.  Time makes things linear, and writing down ideas stops time.  Whereas spirit processes relating as dimensions, as in an onion peel, with layers of ideas, information, messages, animals, rocks, tree, plants, souls, other timelines, other folks realities.

As in spirit is our teacher, everything is our teacher.   We can put our hands on others and raise the other hand to source, the sky, to bring the energy of healing into that being.  I do this with my cat and dogs to clear their chakras, to balance their energy field, to help them process this energy, to keep clear, balanced, harmonized and aligned in this reality of moving energy, mathematical abstract dimensions, in the unseen realm to this seen reality of now time.   Trust and intent is the answer of accepting the movement of spirit from the mathematical dimensional abstract realm of the unseen!




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Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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