As the sun sets on these days of change, transitions, movements from one energetic vibration to a different energetic vibration, are received with ease, grace and love.  Understanding the big picture, the hidden and the seen, the unconscious and the conscious words, thoughts, deeds and actions around the vibrational energy we are leaving, or still in, and moving into, gently helps our soul in these bodies receive.

Receiving is a feminine vibration.  Feminine vibrating energies of calm, care, receive and other words used to be thought of as weak, because the yang, male, domination, vibrating energies have run their course of vibration on this planet.   But beware of using male dominating energies to force a person’s will against another to block their receptive centers from receiving love energies from a setting sun because the universe still has lots of time compared to human lifespan and we all may meet again, on another road, in different bodies to try and get it right in another timeline.

The other timeline, when we meet again, to experience relationship, then you will be giving, nurturing the one you left in this lifetime so you could stomp your feet and act like a child from your parental wounding that was never healed by you, or looked at by you.  Oh yes, you and I will be given another change in our life timelines, and the next time I will just love you as I do today.  I may not be attracted to you in the next timeline because you are choosing to align yourself with the old domination, ruling, controlling energies, while I chose to align myself with the christ and love energies.

Your financial controlling domination of me is over, finished, complete.  Finances are numbers with a value made up by a committee.  The value you give for back child support and spousal support shows you say one thing and do another, while hiding behind your many addictions!  Your message to the court was loud and clear.  You are in trouble, you retired and you owe someone other than your estranged spouse lots of money.  Remember, they may be putting the crunch on you, but it is just a number.  Negotiable, just like you negotiated everything in your life.

Thank you for the mirror you provided.  With your chemical addictions, I saw my own addiction of shopping and buying things.  I have to keep this in check, as a lifetime student, I like to learn, and taking courses could be my new addiction, or finding new information to read.  I really like making a good meal for the family, and of course I miss our family.  However, with the sun set, son setting, male domination energies are setting on our relationship, I bid you well, happiness, good fortune, success and most of all finding love in this lifetime, so you can feel the happiness of love I felt for you and then when we meet in that next lifetime down the road, we will not have the old love attraction energies of eros and karmic love to bring us together.  It will be because we both have evolved into a balance of feminine/masculine energies and the energy of divine love or pure love. #love #purelove #KATKM #KATKEMM #4 #vibration Placeholder Image

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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

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