Love and Evolve



The opposite backward way of spelling for love is then add the ve and you have evolve.    As humans, this energy of love in the many forms presented to each of us has a way to open the heart toward another.  We end up doing things out of our comfort zone.  These things make us grow with inside knowledge,   The other word for growing will be evolve.   We are an evolving species and love helps soothe our evolution.

Part of my giving back is to be open for questions about love and what you think it is.  I will do my best to reply within at least 48 hours.  There is no money, as we know it involved, as love is energy.  Time is the energy exchange.  We are all evolving and learning how to love.   Thank you.    How To Feel and Understand Love AttractionSend Love..The Unseen Realm Needs Love Too!CarcassonneThe Oracle at DelphiRomantic Love Heals, and coming soon: Magi of Genghis Kahn.  Love Attraction Oracle Cards.


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:Kat: K. M. M.Ed

Author, Artist, Philosopher.

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